Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews


The RCA’s focus on compliance training and education for the investment industry, with particular emphasis on alternative asset management firms, is important for investor protection and I commend its efforts. With its 78,000 members, RCA efforts can have a powerful impact.

Honorable Luis Aguilar, LLM, Commissioner, SEC

In a time of great regulatory change and uncertainty, RCA provides the only, broad-based, accredited curriculum for executives in the asset management sector. The RCA’s Law School and Masters Concentration and executive education keep executives abreast of developments that have profound implications for their business strategy and organization, as well as for their own personal careers.

Paul Atkins, JD, Commissioner, SEC (Former)

The RCA’s Law School and Masters Concentration is essential for executives in the compliance space. The RCA collected the top experts to educate compliance professionals…beyond the horizon. No one does this better.

Roel Campos, JD, Commissioner, SEC (Former)

I very much enjoy participating in RCA’s Law School and Masters Concentration as well as their Symposia. The curriculum is always the most topical and the faculty is excellent.

Daniel Driscoll, EVP & COO, National Futures Association

The RCA’s curriculum is fantastic!

Art Tully, CPA, Co-leader, Global Hedge Fund Practice, Ernst & Young

The RCA’s Law School and Masters Concentration continues to distinguish itself by offering curricula that feature leaders in the compliance field as well as government officials that are shaping the compliance policies of today and tomorrow.

Mark Polemeni, CCO, Citadel

RCA curricula provide direct access to the highest concentration of people specifically responsible for setting future industry standards. RCA symposiums provide the cleanest, most relevant information – delivered by the people who are the first to make it happen.

Kip Allardt, COO, Discovery Capital Management

The RCA maintains the highest standards for curricula and scrupulously adheres to these standards. The RCA ensures that Speaking Faculty comprise truly knowledgeable experts in their field and are well prepared.

Tim Barefield, COO, Pershing Capital

The RCA excels at providing compliance professionals with relevant and meaningful guidance and discussion, including most importantly to me, feedback from regulators on practical issues we face and how to best deal with them.

Steven M. Felsenthal, General Counsel and CCO, The Millburn Corporation

RCA symposia offer a unique opportunity to hear directly from a number of senior level regulators, as well as leading industry attorneys. The ability to bring several action points back to your operation is a hallmark of every RCA session that I have attended. Chairman Zebrowski and the RCA’s distinguished Senior Fellows develop curricula that provide thoughtful advice on emerging issues for legal, compliance and risk officers.

Steven Yadegari, EVP and General, Counsel Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn

RCA’s curricula offer invaluable, practical, actionable commentary from the key regulators charged with oversight over the industry.

Robert Van Grover, Partner, Seward & Kissel LLP

As ardent supporters and members of the RCA for many years, we have been consistently impressed by the organization’s ability to influence the development of financial services industry standards and best practices. Never has its mission been more critical, as regulatory initiatives and investor demands have propelled operational and compliance concerns to the forefront. RCA events provide a forum for informed examination of current issues, helping industry leaders and visionaries recognize opportunities and keep pace with change.

Howard Altman, CPA, Co-CEO, Rothstein Kass

Every year, RCA curricula are the most anticipated in the industry. In today’s business climate, there is a growing list of demands that can detract from the focus on core business functions. The RCA continues to be a tremendous resource to its members by helping them to understand the operational and compliance issues that have a potential to impact bottom-line performance.

Joseph Pacello, LLM, CPA, Principal Rothstein Kass

The RCA’s efforts achieve a consistent standard of excellence. The RCA curricula and materials are a benchmark for best practices in the asset management industry, and their activities focus and lead the industry. The RCA puts tremendous effort into their curricula and materials; that effort is reflected in consistent quality.

Michael Pereira, Founder & Publisher, The Hedge Fund Law Report