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Student Experience

A Learning Environment Transformed To Serve You

After reviewing our affiliate law schools and testimonials, you should understand that we offer a targeted curriculum geared toward a burgeoning new profession.

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We transformed the learning environment by securing a Faculty of over 200 of the most renowned subject matter experts in their respective fields of study, each of whom were commissioned to develop the respective materials within their specialized area spanning over 126 subjects.

Consequently, students agree that the curriculum is “by far, the most practical I have ever taken in law school…” (2L at Rutgers University, College of Law).

We maintain the entire curriculum on a Multi-Tenant Learning Management System to centralize the delivery of over 6300 pages of textbooks, lectures, student interactive exercises and exams as well as administrate all communications, forums and discussion groups.

If you have additional questions and would like to speak with a a Curriculum Advisor or attend a Prospective Student Orientation – please select the appropriate button .