Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews



Law & MastersOver the past decade, several military conflicts have placed a tremendous strain upon US military personnel, and an extraordinary financial burden upon their families.

The Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA) has recognized the hardship and frustration many Veterans face when attempting to re-enter the work force upon returning home, after honorably serving our Country.

The RCA’s “Mobilizing our Troops” Initiative supplies Veterans with a platform of resources to transition into several career opportunities within an emerging and growing profession – Compliance, Operations and Regulation within the Asset Management Sector and the Hedge Fund and Private Equity community.

Compliance, Operations and Regulation comprises a field of employment, which is uniquely aligned with a Veteran’s conditioning and mind-set obtained during military training and service.

Furthermore, the field offers a career that can provide Veterans with an expanding set of enriching opportunities as well as a stable income for their family.

Dodd-Frank created a burgeoning demand for compliance professionals. Moreover, industry studies indicate that the Asset Management Sector will continue to grow, and the Hedge Fund and Private Equity community will increase by 250 percent over the next 5 years.

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