Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews

Mobilizing Veterans

Mobilizing Veterans for a Career in
Compliance, Operations and Regulation

Currently, the Asset Management Sector and Hedge Fund and Private Equity community suffer from a severe shortage of properly educated compliance and operations professionals.

Many argue that the cost of compliance created by Dodd-Frank is veterans-crest1astronomical. The reason for the escalating cost is the diminishing supply of compliance professionals.

By providing Veterans with a specialized education in compliance, operations, regulation and risk – we would increase the supply of properly educated professionals, and thereby reduce the cost of implementing Dodd-Frank.

The scores of military personnel who engaged in project management, auditing, compliance review and process administration possess the core competencies to transition into a career in compliance.

The RCA sanctioned the “Mobilizing Our Troops” Initiative to supply Veterans with the resources to transition into a rewarding career in compliance.

The RCA’s goal is to affect a meaningful solution to the tremendous shortage of compliance professionals who possess a comprehensive, post-secondary education within the profession of compliance, operations and regulation while providing Veterans with a stable career path in a rapidly expanding field.

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