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Career Placement

Career Placement Assistance – A Comprehensive Platform For You

The RCA furnishes a comprehensive suite of career placement assistance via the existing platform offered to students within the JD and LLM Concentration, including:

RCA Symposia Boston

  • Practice Readiness Series™
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Career Expo
  • Networking Opportunities

Practice Readiness™ Series – Demonstrate Billable Skills™

The RCA shall provide students with access to the RCA’s Outreach Series – used by a community of over 3000 legal, compliance, operations and risk executives as the definitive and comprehensive source for professional development and practice guidance.

Outreach Sessions provide students with a clear advantage during interviews by briefing employment candidates on the most timely and relevant topics of interest to prospective employers (law firms, CPA firms, private firms, public corporations, governmental agencies.).

Outreach Sessions prepare Masters Concentration graduates to clearly demonstrate that they possess skills and core competencies that a prospective employer can immediately monetize.

Employment Opportunities

The RCA provides students with access to the RCA’s Career Center, including emerging employment opportunities, and exclusive recruiter partnerships with the top financial executive search firms.

The RCA plans to host a Career Expo on a biannual basis where the RCA’s Endowing Organizations, recruiters and other prospective employers may canvas employment candidates in an effective and efficient environment.

Networking Opportunities

Generally, the RCA hosts several Symposia per year – furnishing students with the unique opportunity to network with prospective employers including the hiring partners and senior compliance, legal and operations executives of:

  • Law firms
  • CPA firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Private Companies
  • Public Corporations
  • Governmental Agencies

Additionally, the Speaking Faculty educates students on the nuances of emerging topics of the greatest interest to prospective employers. Consequently, students display skills and core competencies of immediate use to prospective employers. Students may attend a Symposium during the duration of the Masters Concentration.

If you have additional questions and would like to speak a Curriculum Advisor or attend a Prospective Student Orientation – please select the appropriate button.