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SEC Risk Alert

SEC Risk Alert

SEC Risk Alert

The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) concluded its Cybersecurity 2 Initiative.

OCIE staff examined 75 firms, including registered investment advisers and investment companies (“funds”) to assess industry practices as well as legal and compliance issues associated with cybersecurity preparedness.

The Cybersecurity 2 Initiative comprises OCIE’s next phase of inquiry – using the 2014 Cybersecurity 1 Initiative, and subsequent cybersecurity examination intelligence.

However, the Cybersecurity 2 Initiative examinations involved more extensive validation of procedures and testing of controls surrounding cybersecurity preparedness than in prior examinations.

Specifically, the Cybersecurity 2 examinations focused on the firms’ written policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity, including validating and testing that such policies and procedures were properly implemented and utilized. Moreover, the staff used the following metrics to better understand how firms managed their cybersecurity preparedness:

  • Governance and risk assessment;
  • Access rights and controls;
  • Data loss prevention;
  • Vendor management;
  • Training, and
  • Incident response.

Generally, the staff observed increased cybersecurity preparedness since the 2014 Cybersecurity 1 Initiative.

However, the staff noted several areas, which require improved compliance and oversight.

The Risk Alert contained herein provides a summary of the staff’s observations from the Cybersecurity 2 Initiative. Click Here

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To view the entire Alert, CLICK HERE