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Virtual Currency: A Comprehensive Executive Analysis™

Practice Edge 02

Date: July 30, 2015
General Session: 12 Noon to 1:30 PM EST
Location: Webcast (Free)

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Bitcoin has been a constant source of innovation, controversy, debate, and confusion since it appeared in early 2009. Since that time, countless derivative and new cryptocurrency technologies have emerged all over the world, over $1b has poured into industry start-ups, and legal and regulatory systems have struggled to keep pace.

This course is part one of a two part series covering the topics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and regulation. Part one will cover the emergence of cryptocurrency and bitcoin and provide a clear definition for the technology in plain language. This course will identify both current and future applications for the technology, as well as potential areas of abuse with a special focus on those relating to asset management.

Students will master the following at the conclusion of this session:

  • Define bitcoin and cryptocurrency basics, including what it is, how it works, where it comes from, and who controls it.
  • Differentiate between a cryptocurrency and services that exchange or administer cryptocurrency, list the issues and risks for each.
  • List the present and future applications for cryptocurrency including but not limited to payment systems, decentralized exchanges, smart contracts, and identity systems.
  • Context and appreciation for the history of bitcoin and cryptocurrency service failures.
  • Ability to recognize variables common across failed services, including red flags.
  • Apply these definitions to identify potential areas of abuse for cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency services, especially pertaining to asset management.

Session Chairman:

Walter Zebrowski, JD, CPA, Principal, Hedgemony Partners
Chairman, Regulatory Compliance Association

Senior Fellow from Practice:

Will Madden, Founder & CEO, bridge21

Guest Lecturers:

John Betts, Chief Compliance Officer & Founder, Noble Markets
Bart Chilton, Senior Policy Advisor, DLA Piper, Former CFTC Commissioner
Marco Santori, JD, Chairman, Regulatory Affairs Committee, Bitcoin Foundation, Counsel, Pillsbury Winthrop
Michelle Sabins, SVP & CRA Officer, Deposit Operations & Regulatory Compliance, Silvergate Bank

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