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Money Market Funds (MMFs) Reform Training™

Practice Edge 02

Date: TBD
General Session: 12 Noon to 1:30 PM EST
Location: Webcast (Free)

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This course will give a brief history and discuss the purpose of Money Market Funds (MMFs) including the definitions and reform applicability. The Speaking faculty will give practical guidance and discuss the reform of “floating net asset value”, “liquidity fees” and “redemption gates”. Each of the members of the speaking faculty will give practical suggestions and share their experience in enhancing portfolio diversification and requirements for stress testing. The course participants will discuss the following MMF disclosures, reporting requirements including reporting tax and accounting. Important compliance dates will be shared along with the potential impact of the new MMF reform rules.

Students will master the following at the conclusion of this session:

  • Recognize the History & purpose of Money Market Funds (MMFs)
  • Identify definitions and reform applicability
  • Comprehend the reform of “floating net asset value”
  • Discern the reform of “liquidity fees” and “redemption gates”
  • Discover & apply enhanced portfolio diversification & stress testing requirements
  • Analyze MMF disclosures and reporting requirements
  • Recognize and apply tax and accounting reporting
  • Identify compliance dates
  • Comprehend the potential impact of the new MMF reform rules

Session Chairman:

Walter Zebrowski, JD, CPA, Principal, Hedgemony Partners
Chairman, Regulatory Compliance Association

Senior Fellow from Practice:

Mark F. McKeever, CPA, Director, KPMG

Guest Lecturers:


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