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Overview of myUniversity™


Law & Masters

Law Firms, CPA Firms, Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, RIAs, Private Fund Managers and other Asset Managers “private label” the same Online University System and Curriculum used by the RCA to deliver the JD & Masters Concentration in Compliance, Operations and Regulation.

The myUniversity™ platform institutionalizes your firm’s professional development – impressing regulators, as well as your clients and Board of Directors by furnishing employees unmatched skills your firm can immediately leverage and monetize.

The Faculty of Senior Fellows from Practice™ and Guest Lecturers consists of hand selected, subject matter experts in their respective fields and disciplines of study, including the LARGEST COLLECTION OF senior, high profile regulators across several agencies.

Firms use myUniversity™ to build a customized training platform by:

  • Selecting accredited courses from the Law & Masters Concentration
  • Comprehensive coverage of over 2,295 subjects
  • Over 800 hours of lecture and classwork
  • Over 6200 pages of text books, instructional aids and materials
  • Using the RCA’s Instructional Design team to develop and deploy their internally prepared recordings and materials.


myUniversity™  comprises an enterprise wide solution used to automate the administration of an entire University.  Consequently, myUniversity reduces costs by automatically managing the learning environment for employees by:

  • Provisioning textbooks and course materials
  • Delivering lectures
  • Facilitating communication and student forums
  • Monitoring and tracking student progress
  • Automating student alerts and notifications
  • Reporting student progress and incompliance
  • Performing annual certifications
  • Maintaining transcripts for each student
  • Reporting CPE, CLE and CCE.


To view a course catalogue, schedule a demonstration of the myUniversity Platform or speak with a Curriculum Advisor, select the appropriate option in the left navigation.