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Academic Team™

Your Academic Team™
Committed to Your Success from Start to Finish

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We understand that journey of a graduate student is difficult. Together, we diligently endeavor to guide you toward graduation and insure that your sacrifice delivers a lifelong return.

We provide a host of support to accomplish this, including an Academic Team to serve you, including:

  • Curriculum Advisor™
  • Faculty Advisor™
  • Career Placement Advisor™
  • Program Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Your Academic Team supports you from matriculation through graduation.

Your Curriculum Advisor assists you with matriculation and administrative issues in order for you to remain focused on your career goals. This Advisor is your point person for questions about academic policy and student life.

Your Faculty Advisor assists you with substantive questions about courses.

Your Career Placement Adviser keeps you informed of career opportunities, options and goals.

Equally as important, we supply a Technical Support Team to support your usage of our Multi-Tennant Learning Management System™.

While this is not the type of support you expect from a university….your Academic Team supplies this level of personalized attention to each student.

If you have additional questions and would like to speak with a Curriculum Advisor or attend a Prospective Student Orientation – please select the appropriate button.