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Law & Masters Degree

Overview of Law & Masters Concentration

Law & Masters

If you currently hold a compliance role or responsibilities, regulators will assess your formal, accredited education within this arena.

The escalating regulatory environment has created an emerging set of liabilities for compliance, legal and operations executives.

Consequently, Compliance and Regulation has become a profession, and therefore individuals who work within this highly specialized field must possess a formal, accredited and comprehensive education in order to properly discharge their duties and responsibilities.

The College of Regulatory Compliance’s Law and Masters Concentration in Asset Management Practice & Regulation comprises the only comprehensive curriculum for our industry, and equips students to stand out with an unmatched breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding within the disciplines relevant to their role.

Students who meet certain entrance criteria may enroll directly through the College of Regulatory Compliance, otherwise the RCA shall direct you to one of our affiliate law schools. All students enjoy the same Law & Masters Concentration, which includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of over 2,295 subjects
  • Over 600 hours of lecture and classwork
  • Over 6200 pages of text books, instructional aids and materials
  • Complete support with a dedicated Academic Team™

The entire Law & Masters Concentration is delivered via an “on-line” university system.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to contact a Curriculum Advisor.

When you matriculate into the Law or Masters Concentration, you are assigned an Academic Team™ to support and guide your from matriculation to graduation.

The Academic Team is committed to your success in advancing your career goals and objectives.

If you have additional questions and would like to speak with a Curriculum Advisor or attend a Prospective Student Orientation – please select the appropriate button.