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The Regulatory Compliance Association presents Compliance, Risk and Enforcement 2012 Symposium.

Previously compliance, in-house legal and operations executives have relied upon colleagues or consultants to fill gaps in knowledge or work product.

The regulatory and reputational risk produced by the ever-escalating examination and enforcement environment requires institutionalized compliance training.

That’s why over 18,000 executives use CompliancEdge™ for a properly vetted, comprehensive source of information in order to address a myriad of issues and challenges.

The RCA’s CompliancEdge™ and platform:

  • Delivers 3-level, peer reviewed commentary and materials
  • Drafted and maintained by accredited Sr. Fellows from Practice
  • For over 4500 topics, across over 225 courses
  • For the subject matter disciplines most relevant to Alternative Investment and Asset Management compliance, legal, operations, risk management and due diligence executives.

The RCA is the Programmatic Accreditation Agency Continuing Compliance Education (CCE™) with a team of attorneys who oversee the RCA’s Academic Process, which includes:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design
  • 3-level Peer Review
  • Accreditation

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