Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews


The Standard for Compliance Education

1a On Demand LearningThe Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA) serves as the exclusive programmatic accreditation agency for CCE™.

Compliance and Regulation has become a profession, and therefore individuals who work within this highly specialized field must possess a formal, accredited and comprehensive education in order to properly discharge their duties and responsibilities.

Regulators, Compliance Officers and Practitioners, including Chartered Regulatory Counsel (CRC™) have overcommitted schedules.

Consequently, such executives rely upon the RCA’s accreditation process to properly assess and evaluate the curriculum development, instructional design and peer review of compliance education delivered by universities, colleges, training firms and other continuing education providers.

These executives depend upon the RCA’s accreditation to validate and certify the propriety of compliance education training and professional development materials.

Many of these executives use CCE™ materials as their primary source of information in order to address a myriad of issues and challenges.