Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews

Exam Preparation

Law & MastersAs a student-centric institution, the RCA provides an online study platform to make your exam preparation fast, easy and informative. The platform contains practical guidance from senior regulators, CCOs, GCs, COO and CFOs as well as blue chip attorneys and CPAs.

Unlike any other professional examination (Bar Exam, CPA Exam), your registration fee includes the online exam preparation platform, which provides:

  1. Exam Prep Work Sheet to formulate your study plan, and
  2. A dedicated study module for each curriculum subject.

Each study module includes 4 components:

  • A Proficiency Exam – to measure your level of knowledge within a particular topic, so you may best allocate your study time
  • A Study Guide – covering the key principles and topics, with critical commentary
  • A Mock Exam, to assess your mastery of a topic and gauge your level of readiness for the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) Examination
  • Supplemental Materials

The RCA supplies the tools that easily and efficiently prepare you for the exam and fast track advancing your career.