Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews

Announce Your Candidacy

CRC SM AnnoucementSurpass JD and MBA graduates in your career search by announcing your candidacy for the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel)  to recruiters and employers.

Your Curriculum Advisor and the Career Placement Platform stand ready to aid in your successful employment search.

Part of a successful search strategy includes announcing your candidacy through social media platforms used by executive search firms, staffing organizations, and employers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites.

You may announce your status as, or candidacy to become, a CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel), after your surname, using the following conventions:

  • Your Name, CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) (expected date)
  • Your Name, CRC (expected date)
  • Your Name, Chartered Regulatory Counsel (expected date)

As a candidate, when computing the “expected date” you should conservatively project when you will complete all of the requirements associated with receiving the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) license.


Special Instructions Regarding LinkedIn

The Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile comprises the best area to display your status as or candidacy to become a CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel).

When using Linked In, you may find the following posting instructions helpful

1. Select the Certifications section from the list to the right of your profile (or scroll down to see it)
2. Select + Add
3. Certification Name: CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel)
4. Certification Authority: Regulatory Compliance Association
5. License Number: Enter your assigned license number
6. Certification URL:
7. Dates: Select the month and year in which you received your license or your properly computed “expected date”
8. Select Save

Special Instructions for Twitter

For your Twitter handle, you may use, allowing for character limitations:

  • YourNameCRC
  • YourNameCharteredRegulatoryCounsel
  • YourName CRC (CharteredRegulatoryCounsel)

You may Tweet about your license or candidacy.

With regard to any use of the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel), in any form, you should not hide or obscure your identity in any way, which would include anonymous postings. Any such use is grounds for immediate revocation of your CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) license.

The forgoing guidelines comprise essential elements of maintaining compliance with the RCA’s Compliance Officer Professional Code of Conduct.