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Advance Your Career Today

Law & MastersA critical part of advancing your career is differentiating yourself.

Employers and recruiters search for candidates with the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) designation, because it:

  • Verifies core competencies across 4500 topics
  • Validates skill sets through a graduate-level professional exam
  • Demonstrates to regulators and allocators an accredited level of proficiency from the RCA.

Regulatory agencies use the CRC curriculum for their internal certification programs, CCE™ (Continuing Compliance Education™), and professional development.

Surpass JD’s and MBA’s With the CRC (Chartered Regulatory Counsel) – Next Steps

  • Exam Registration – Fast Tract Advancing Your Career Today
  • Exam Preparation – Fast, Easy & Informative
  • Passing the Exam
  • Includes one year membership in RCA PracticEdge™ Elite courses ($495 value)
  • Announce Your Candidacy – Inform Employers and Recruiters
  • Career Placement (Employers and Recruiters)

Price for all of the above is $3,375.

  • Scholarship Opportunities – contact Terri Hays at

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