Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews


I attend and speak at RCA events because there are a serious number of our clients there and a serious number of Seward and Kissel alumni.

Robert Van Grover, JD, Partner, Seward & Kissel LLP

The RCA continues to distinguish itself by offering curricula that feature the leading authorities of our industry as well as government officials that are shaping the policies of tomorrow.

Mark Polemeni, JD, CCO, Citadel

RCA curricula provides the best opportunity for me to connect with the top industry executives both formally and informally. My ability to come back to the office and report on current industry developments and perspectives is invaluable to me.

Adam Schreck, JD, General Counsel, Discovery Capital Management

RCA curricula obtain a great turn out. The course materials and commentary provide extremely relevant subject matter, delivered by the leaders in our industry. I find all of the sessions quite informative and use these often.

Brian Traficante, SVP, York Capital Management

RCA curricula comprise one of the best graduate-level programs I’ve had the distinct pleasure to serve on in 30 years. The people, practitioners and the policy discussions were all superb.

Bart Chilton, Commissioner, CFTC (Former)

No organization contributes more to the intelligent and efficient operation of this nation’s capital markets than the RCA. The scope, diversity and quality of their programs is extraordinary. No one does as much as this organization does and no one does it quite so well.

The RCA’s broad membership includes alternative investment and asset management firms, lawyers and government regulators from around the globe. Many old friends from the SEC and the CFTC use their curricula and certification programs. Their recognition of the RCA is a testament to the importance of this organization and to the quality and effectiveness of the work that it does.

Judge Barrington Parker, JD, US Court of Appeals Second Circuit