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Continuing Compliance Education Speaking Faculty

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The Faculty of Senior Fellows from Practice™ and Guest Lecturers consists of hand selected, subject matter experts in their respective fields and disciplines of study.

The Faculty includes:

  • The LARGEST COLLECTION OF senior, high profile regulators across several agencies, including:
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission
    • The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission
    • The National Futures Association
    • The Department of Justice
    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • The Department of Labor
  • Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsel, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers from the largest Investment Advisers, Fund Management Complexes and Asset Management Organizations
  • Senior Partners and Practice Leaders from the most renown international law firms and CPA organizations

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The RCA employs a rigorous accreditation process to vet each prospective member of the Faculty.

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