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As a non-profit, the Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA) supports a community of over 80,000 compliance, legal and operations executives from regulatory authorities, institutional investors and alternative investment and asset management firms.

RCA’s mission and mandate is four fold:

  • Serve as the exclusive programmatic accreditation agency for CCE® (Continuing Compliance Education®).
  • Deliver post-graduate degrees and programs in Regulation and Compliance.
  • Design, develop and administer certification programs for regulatory agencies.
  • Govern and regulate the professional licensure of compliance officers and regulatory practitioners by administering the Chartered Regulatory Counsel and Chartered Regulatory Analyst examinations.


RCA is the exclusive programmatic accreditation agency for CCE® (Continuing Compliance Education®). Consequently, RCA uses a rigorous process to accredit academic courses and compliance training offered by universities, law and CPA firms, continuing education providers and executive training firms.

Regulators, compliance officers, attorneys and regulatory practitioners rely upon RCA’s accreditation process to properly assess and evaluate the curriculum development, instructional design and peer review of compliance degrees, executive training and educational programs.

These executives depend upon the RCA’s accreditation to validate and certify the propriety of compliance education training and professional development materials.

Many of these executives use CCE® (Continuing Compliance Education®) materials as their primary source of information in order to address a myriad of issues and challenges.


Compliance has become a rewarding, upwardly mobile and stable profession. Individuals who work within this highly specialized field should possess formal, comprehensive and recognized professional licensure.

The RCA offers the most respected professional licensure by regulators, compliance officers, attorneys and regulatory practitioners:

  • CRA™ (Chartered Regulatory Analyst™)

Recipients of the CRA™ clearly demonstrate to the recruiters and employers an RCA accredited level of knowledge in over 4500 topics relevant to their profession.


RCA delivers several tiers of baccalaureate and graduate level curricula.

  • JD & LLM in Asset Management Regulation, Compliance & Enforcement
  • MBA and Bachelor’s Concentration in Asset Management Practice, Compliance and Regulation

Each degree program offers students a comprehensive suite of resources – geared to maximize the student’s ability to secure a significant, relevant and meaningful employment opportunity.

RCA’s suite of career placement resources include:

  • Practice Readiness Series™
  • RCA Symposia and Summits
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities

These resources equip students with a clear advantage during interviews by:

  • Briefing employment candidates on the most timely and relevant topics of interest to prospective employers.
  • Providing access to key centers of influence within the industry.
  • Introducing candidates to top executives and senior partners responsible for recruiting and hiring.


Over 20,000 regulators, institutional investors, alternative investment and asset managers use RCA courses and resources for:

  • Accredited training and professional development,
  • CCE® (Continuing Compliance Education)®
  • “Go-to” resource for comprehensive, detailed, practical and peer reviewed coverage of over 4500 topics.


The Faculty of accredited Sr. Fellows from Practice and Guest Lectures includes the most senior regulators and government officials, CCOs, GCs, COOs and CFOs of the top firms, and practice leaders from the most respected law and CPA organizations.


The RCA’s academic and accreditation process insures the delivery of the most timely, relevant, comprehensive, detailed, practical and actionable commentary and materials.

The post-secondary curriculum includes five, 3-credit hour courses, including:

  • Adviser and Investment Fund Regulation
  • Adviser and Private Fund Compliance 1 and 2
  • Asset Management Law & Practice
  • Regulatory Examination and Enforcement


RCA collaborates with regulators, governmental agencies and financial services firms to build the organization’s professional development, training and certification programs using RCA’s myUniversity Platform, which includes:

  • The JD & Masters Concentration,
  • CRA™ (Chartered Regulatory Analyst™) Licensure.

All course work qualifies for CCE® (Continuing Compliance Education®), for which RCA is the exclusive programmatic accreditation agency.


If you are interested in learning more, contact a Curriculum Advisor.


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